Friday, February 18, 2011

Comic Book Pitt #59 - Jaded

Well we finally managed to get an episode out in February and hopefully we can squeeze in another one before the month's end. As usual, we talk some comic book-related news that transitions into some reviews of Fantastic Four 587, Ultimate Spider-Man 153, Iron Man 500.1 and more.

(Still working on getting the show back up on iTunes, sorry for the inconvenience)

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Unknown said...

goddamn this is a LOOOONG podcast!

Unknown said...

wait... scratch that. not nearly as long as i thought.

Dan Greenwald said...

Yeah, an hour and change...about average for one of our shows, although we've definitely run longer. :)

Sylvina Solaris said...

Marvel canceled a ton of good stuff these past couple months:

- Thor the Mighty Avenger
- Young Allies
- Spider-Girl
- Hawkeye & Mockingbird

All books that I really enjoyed and looked forward to every month, more so than X-Men spin-off #23 or Avengers Title #5 or Shitty Deadpool Limited #5000. I think it really comes down to the "big guns" and not canceling those series and creating tons of spin-offs and other shit. It's very depressing, because no matter how much press you get about a book most people seem to ignore it, where as Deadpool and Wolverine sells simply based on character alone and less so about any sort of writing quality. :-/

- Big Shots was pretty impressive, mostly because they haven't been known as "Marvel" guys lately. Rucka on Punisher sounds beautiful.

- Death of Spider-Man reminds me of Ultimate Six back when U.Spiderman crossed over with Ultimates. I have a feeling that's the same sort of story telling that will be going on, like an every other issue sort of a deal.

- I wouldn't count on issue 600, remember when Red Hulk's identity was revealed in Hulk 600? Yeah, me neither.

More to come later. I'd love to be on the show again.