Thursday, August 18, 2011

#70 - Mixed Bag

Dan and Jeff talk about the new Blade Runner movie news, the comic book movies filming concurrently in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, cool t-shirts from Rusty Bridge, and the relationship between comic books, professional wrestling and soap operas. Oh and there's a review of Detective Comics #881 and Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics.


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Unknown said...

Good episode!!! I guess I'm a bit of an unusual comic book reader because I started at a really young age (I remember being into it as early as 4... which was '86), but I rarely if ever interacted with other comic book reading friends, the comics fan community, or even retailers until I started getting to know Wayne at Phantom in the early 00s. I had a couple of friends who were into comics when I was a kid, and I remember going to the shop with them. But we were only buds for about a year or so when I was 10. After that, I stopped hanging out with them and went back to my solitary interest. I think a big reason that I stuck with comics through the years is because I moved a lot as a kid, and so comics became something reliable (and a good way to occupy my time). But I wouldn't necessarily say that nostalgia is a factor for me. My continuing interest in comics is two-fold: I love the art, and I love the scope of the stories. I love the extreme hyperbole of superhero and sci-fi comics, from super powers to outer space to intense emotional dilemma. As for the art, I've always loved illustration and comics happen to be one of the best sources for a continuous supply of fresh illustration.

jason. said...

"After the Poop Talk" would make a great name for a podcast.