Sunday, May 7, 2017

#250 - Free Comic Book Day 2017!

HOSTS: Dan, Scott

NEWS/TALK: We visited Pittsburgh Comics, Phantom of the Attic-Monroeville, Infinity Comics, and our final stop was New Dimension Comics' Century III Mall location where we talked about this year's free comics.

COMICS: Briggs Land/James Cameron's Avatar, I Hate Image, Rick & Morty, Star Trek TNG:
Mirror Broken, Secret Empire, Wonder Woman, 2000 AD, All New Guardians Of The Galaxy,
Attack On Titan, Fresh Off The Boat, Buffy: The High School Years, World's Greatest
Cartoonists, Grimm Fairy Tales, Kid Savage, Lady Mechanika, The Tick, TMNT: Prelude To
Dimension X, Spill Night, Time Shifters

UPCOMING EVENTS: Three Rivers Comicon (May 20-21), Kennywood Comicon (June 18)

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