Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review Blast!

Are there maybe some titles that you're not sure about? Well, enjoy some short reviews from Rich Urbano of New Dimension Comics at Century III Mall.

Wicked & Divine (Image Comics): Modern society often treats celebrities as gods. What if they actually were gods? This is the premise that the Wicked & Divine explores and it does it in the most awesome way possible.

Grayson (DC Comics): After the events of Forever Evil, Dick Grayson can't go back to the life that he and the public knows him for. Thus, he creates a new life for himself: Secret Agent 37 for the Spyral Organization.

Southern Bastards
(Image Comics): Earl Tubb returns to his hometown after 40 years to put the finishing touches on the sale of his boyhood home. Upon arriving, he is reminded of the demons that kept him away for so long. However, this time Earl is bent on beating the demons, literally, with a baseball bat before he leaves town.

(Image Comics): This book has elements that remind me of such titles as The Walking Dead, Saga, Wolverine, and the Baby Hope story arc from Cable. If you like any of these titles, check out Spread.

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