Thursday, March 3, 2011

Comic Book Pitt #60 - Damn Dirty Humans!

*This episode has some explicit language* 

Duke is on special assignment this week, so Dang is joined by guest co-hosts Dicky Walters and Dr. Zaius. In this sixtieth episode they discuss the the untimely passing of Dwayne McDuffie and review Iron Man 2.0 #1, Lost At Sea, Jennifer Blood #1, Brightest Day #20, Thunderbolts #153, Heroes For Hire #1-3 and Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #515.

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Unknown said...

podcasting naked is so liberating.

Shawn Atkins said...

that dr.zuis sounds likes a mean jerk humans arnt that smelly and we suck at dying

Byron Winton said...

WTF? The first time I listened to this episode it was 3mins and change and ended abruptly. I know these shows run waaay beyond that so I refreshed the page... the episode jumped up to 4mins. Refreshing again gave me 22mins. Refreshing once more gave me 64mins. Tindeck can suck it!

Sylvina Solaris said...

- Thunderbolts is a really solid series. It should've been renumbered post-civil war honestly. But, yeah... anybody who hasn't been reading it is really missing out. Also, that Land cover blows my mind.

- Gotta love the auto-tune Batman. I can dig it.

- Aqua War sounded interesting, but too much Geoff John's stuff has been going on lately, and it feels so continuity heavy.

- I am losing out big time Nick. I just couldn't get into it with the first issue. I might check out the first trade and see how it goes from there.

- I used to call it "A-nee-m" instead of "Ah-na-mae". I also called Nick "Mah-rih-no" instead of "Ma-ree-no", but I just assumed it was one of those scenarios where he'd be like "Ugh, no, not like the football player, everyone assumes that!"

- I'm loving the hell out of Black Panther (was a surprise to me too!) Art is amazing and I'd love to read other stuff he's done. Black Coat already sounds really boss. I'm digging the "Boris" voice for him, I always read him in a "Moose & Squirrel" type of voice, but I think it fits for him. I read Liss' Mystery Comics special and that was pretty slick honestly.