Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Comics!

It's Wednesday, the most special day of the week ever. Here are the titles I'm looking to pick up today:

WALKING DEAD #58 (MR) $2.99
INCOGNITO #2 (MR) $3.50
THOR #600 $4.99
GI JOE #2 $3.99
HEXED #2 (OF 4) CVR A $3.99

So... you think they're going to go back to Thor's original numbering now that they hit #600?'s a good thing that Hexed is only a 4-issue series. Even though I know it's coming, I'm still not ready for to pay four bucks a piece for my comics on a monthly basis.
...since it doesn't indicate "#2 (OF 5)" I wonder if Incognito is open-ended depending on how well it does. Maybe Brubaker will keep it going past it's original run.


Brian B said...

I'm still reading Walking Dead and enjoying it, same with Cap. Britain. Really enjoying the JMS Thor. Incognito was good and I'll see where it goes.

Sylvina Solaris said...

Here's my list:

- Batman #686
- Batman and the Outsiders Special #1
- Nightwing #153 - Final issue
- Mirrors Edge #4
- A. Spider-Man #586
- Wizard of Oz #3
- X-Men Origins: Sabretooth
- Incognito #2


Marvel TV - Galactus: Real Story


New Avengers #49
Dark Reign #1

I've decided to start following the Dark Reign arc to some decent degree, your podcasts and summaries have me fairly confident that I can jump in and enjoy the comics.

- Link

Side-Note: It's nice to be free of responsibilities like... Car Insurance and Repairs for example (I don't drive), although I'm still not a fan of spending 100ish dollars on comics every month. :-/