Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Comics for 4/1

Happy April Fool's Day! It just occurred to me that if Marvel should have solicited Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine #3 for today to see if fans thought it was a joke or if the issue was really going to come out.

So here's what I'm planning on getting today. Strangely enough, my list is very DC-heavy this week...

FLASH REBIRTH #1 $3.99 - I wasn't planning on getting this title because I think Barry Allen should stay dead. There were a couple of reasons though, why I changed my mind. One, it's only 5 issues. Two, I want to see what Geoff Johns, who is a very accomplished writer and one I trust, is going to do with a character that hasn't been relevant for over 20 years.

HAUNTED TANK #5 $2.99 - Last issue for this modern war tale/ghost story from Vertigo Comics. Still enjoying the heck out of it, but now that it's over I want to reread all 5 issues.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #25 $2.99 - I could be coming to the end of this title. It's been great for a long time, but the last few story arcs have been kind of confusing and leaving me feeling flat.

MIGHTY #3 $2.99 - I hope this book continues to find an audience and get support, but unfortunately books like these, with new or unknown characters, don't usually last long.

JERSEY GODS #3 $3.50 - Everyone should check this book out. Fun, fun, fun.

AGENTS OF ATLAS #3 $2.99 - See above.

GI JOE #4 $3.99 - GI JOE: ORIGINS and GI JOE: COBRA are really knocking it out of the park, making the main book look like it's standing still. That being said GI JOE is still a lot of fun and very true to the spirit of the original GI JOE.

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Sylvina Solaris said...

Man, I LOVE April Fools. The only downside is trying to figure out if ANY legitimate information is coming out or if it's all jokes. Luckily most companies make it absurdly obvious that they're joking around.

I really like Agents of Atlas, kudos on recommending it to me when I talked to you @ POTA. I'm falling behind on my podcast listening, I'm a horrible OG! :(

Here's my list for anyone who cares:

Batman Battle for the Cowl Man Bat #1 (One Shot), $2.99
Mirrors Edge #6 (of 6), $3.99
Agents Of Atlas #3 (Adi Granov Regular Cover)(Dark Reign Tie-In), $2.99
Amazing Spider-Man #590 (Barry Kitson Regular Cover), $2.99
Black Panther 2 #3 (Dark Reign Tie-In), $2.99
Deadpool #9 (Dark Reign Tie-In)(Magnum Opus Part 3 Of 4), $2.99
Invincible Iron Man #12 (Dark Reign Tie-In), $2.99
New Avengers Reunion #2 (of 4)(Jo Chen Regular Cover), $3.99
Secret Warriors #3 (Jim Cheung Regular Cover)(Dark Reign Tie-In), $2.99

Who Wants To Be A Superhero The Defuser, $3.50
Marvel Assistant Size Spectacular #1 (of 2), $3.99

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #24 (Season 8)(Jo Chen Regular Cover), $2.99
Angel Blood And Trenches #2 (John Byrne Regular Cover), $3.99