Thursday, November 3, 2011

#77 - It's Science, People.

Spreadsheets, trends, tracking numbers...what the heck is going on?!? Don't worry, it's just the Duke taking a look at his buying habits and crunching the numbers.

This episode Dan and Duke discuss the Punisher television show in development at FOX and end up talking about more comics than we anticipated. Titles include Aquaman 2, Justice League 2, Wonder Woman 2, Demon Knights 2, Birds of Prey 2, Voodoo 2, Nightwing 2, Supergirl 2, Red Hood and the Outlaws 2, I,Vampire 2, Spaceman 1, Wolverine and the X-Men 1 and Uncanny X-Men 1.

The intro for this episode was provided by Marcel Walker of M.L. Walker's Hero Corp.

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Unknown said...

DanG... you're killing me over here!!! There have been tons of great Aquaman runs in the past 20 years. First and foremost is the Peter David run. If you're interested, you're welcome to borrow the first 25 issues of it from me.

But that's just one of many. Rick Veitch did a fantastic job relaunching the character in the early 00s, and then Will Pfeifer (and, later, Arcudi) followed that up with an incredible take on the character during the Sub-Diego era.

Frankly, I think the best place for you to start is Aquaman: Time and Tide, a mini by PAD that preceded his long run. It's not a personal favorite of mine, but it's strongly written and a great introduction to a modern version of the character.

On the flip, I found Geoff Johns first issue to be overly self-conscious, far too concerned with the character's "bad rep" and not concerned enough with pushing the plot forward at a satisfying pace. It's certainly not a bad comic by any means, but, IMO, it doesn't hold a candle to PAD or Veitch or Pfeifer's first issues.

Dan Greenwald said...

Nick, you're right, there have been some good Aquaman runs and I did read Peter David's issues back in the day. I just feel like he never gets his due because...he's Aquaman! He's a water-based character and I think that is sometimes limiting. He'll never be a top-tier character, no matter how many times they put him back into the Justice League with all the big names. It's like DC hopes he'll become popular by association with characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc.

I do agree, I thought the new Aquaman was a bit too self-referential in some places, but I think that's because they want to address all the nagging questions, jokes and stereotypes about the character.

Unknown said...

I totally agree -- he'll never be top tier material, and that's why I love him!!! I mean, c'mon... he wears a scaly orange shirt and tight green pants with funny little fin things above the ankles. He's not even dressed for success!

I think that Johns has done a great job of mainstreaming the character in a way consistent with his Flash and GL relaunches. But I think the problem is that he's lost some edge (and weirdness) in the process.

Some characters just aren't meant to be through and through icons like Superman. Hell, Aquaman doesn't even have an iconic logo thingy like the top tiers. He's like the king of the B-List.