Thursday, December 22, 2011

CBP AudioBoo #24 - Digital Comics

Dan was fortunate enough to get a barely-used Barnes and Noble color Nook from a family member and one of the first things he did was download some comics. Take 5 minutes and listen to his thoughts on the digital reading experience.


Loran Skinkis Art! said...

I totally agree what you said.
I just got a Kindle Fire with the help of some gift cards I got from my last job. I ended up paying only $24 for it! I like comics on the e-reader, but it's not replacing print for me by any means any time soon. I may buy and try some things that I may not have considered before but if I really like a comic, I'm heading out to Pittsburgh Comics and/or down to Phantom in Oakland to buy the actual book.

Dan Greenwald said...

Yeah I feel the same way. I'll probably buy comic book collections if it's a good deal or it's something I really want to have on hand whenever I want, but I have a feeling I'll use the Nook for it's apps more than for reading.