Thursday, February 2, 2017

#242 - Strict Definition of a Cyborg

HOSTS: Dan, Shawn

NEWS/TALK: What is a cyborg?

COMICS: Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, Loose Ends, March: Book 1, Rom Vol. 1


Anonymous said...

So I loved Rom as a kid & I was really let down by the FCBD issue, so I can't read the new series & I'm even scared to re-read the old series. But I will give some spoilers to a thirty year old series that might help. My memory is that the Space Knights volunteered for a conversion process where large portions of their bodies were put in stasis while they were transformed into Space Knights with the hope they would be converted back to Galadorian (did I get the name right) when the Dire Wraith war was over. I believe in the final issue of the series Rom regains him humanoid form.

For the definition of cyborg, I believe that the term cyborg was coined as the title of the book that inspired The Six Million Dollar Man. I think a lot of sci-fi folks go with the shift from augmented human to cyborg when it is over 50% of the body, though lately I think it might be more in touch with someone who's brain is partially augmented by computers.

There's a number of fascist brain bots in comics, The Brain in Doom Patrol & then an actual Nazi in the 1970s version of The Invaders in the first couple issues.

All I got for now. Good to be able to listen to you guys during my data processing work.

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