Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Want YOU!

So this blog is obviously in dire need of being updated. To give you an idea, one of the more "recent" posts includes me talking about buying Flash Rebirth #1.

We love the idea of having a blog to compliment the podcast, but the sad truth is it's just one of those things that gets put waaaaaaay at the end of our To Do list. So rather than let it languish we thought we could open it up to CBP listeners, comic book fans, nutjobs, etc.

Do you read a comic that you feel doesn't get mentioned or get enough attention? A creator you want to spotlight? An issue or trend in the comic book industry that want to talk about? Maybe you even have your own comic book/webcomic that you want to share. It's all welcome.

Submit any content to comicbookpitt@gmail.com and we'll get it up on the blog.

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