Saturday, April 30, 2011

Comic Book Pitt #63 - Oh Sh!t

This is a slightly longer episode of CBP in which we recap the Pittsburgh Comicon and talk about Blue Estate #1, G.I. Joe Cobra Civil War #0, Ninjabitch #3, NonPlayer #1, Ultimate Captain America #4, Wingman #1, and X-Factor #218.

Also, Duke came up with a new segment called "The Oh Sh!t Moment". This week's contenders, Soulless Strong Guy vs Super Soldier Hammer Fight.

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Unknown said...

hahaha Link was eating during the latest Yamagato too!! it's an audio meme!!!!! eating while podcasting. ya gotta do it. it's addictive.

i'd also like to think that the surprise "we're recording" announcement and casually discussing other people's Facebook updates are things we've pioneered on the AudioShocker (although i'm sure they're not, and i'm just an egotistical dick for thinking that).

Thor was sweet as hell. i know my taste is questionable, but i can verify it is GOOD good, not just Nick good.

Unknown said...

yeah i'm working with Mulango on Buy Shack and even a bit on Carbon Copy Squared. with CC2, just as a joke/script assistant here and there (i don't think he's published any of our collabos yet). i'm a bit more active with Buy Shack, but at the end of the day, it's his baby and i'm just along for the ride!


Dan, your Super Haters Guest Week was gnarly. thx for doing it! and Scott, you're always invited if you're interested!!! the next open spot is Sept.

don't forget about Pete -- he's the lead writer!!! we plot together, and he does the scripts.

uggghhhhh don't let Dickie talk about me. he's a wanker.

GREAT SHOW, GUYS!!! good reviews.