Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comic Book Pitt #58 - Twenty Eleven!

The first CBP episode of the new year is finally here and with it comes some breaking news regarding the future of Wizard Magazine. We also talk about the new direction for the CBP website and the new content you can find there along with the audio podcast.

Of course, it wouldn't be an episode of CBP without some thoughtful, insightful, in-depth comic book reviews. Dang and Duke talk about Batman Beyond #1, G.I. Joe/Cobra #12, Ultimate Captain America #1 and Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale hardcover.

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Byron Winton said...

Great! I like you guys having a more focused site and with the additional content... but get that iTunes feed back up damit!

Sylvina Solaris said...

Link says:

Catching up on my CBP,

- PowerGirl's logo was weird but well done.

- What do you mean Captain America is the only Super Soldier? There've been more Super Soldier origins than you can shake a stick at:

- Steve Rogers
- Isaiah Bradley
- John Steele
- Josiah X
- Union Jack II/Destroyer
- Dyna-Mite/Destroyer II
- Warrior Woman
- Master Man
- Protocide
- William Burnside
- Nomad (Jack Monroe)
- The Sentry
- Patriot
- Taskmaster
- Man-Thing

In conclusion... whatchutalkinbout DanG?

- I liked the Shepard comic, the Float Out one-shot was another good post-Serenity story. My only confusion with that origin story was how it fit in with when he got shot and they boarded the Alliance ship and he had his key card, etc. I'm not exactly sure how that all makes sense based off what the book tells us.

I think the other two Firefly series they did were good "Tales of Serenity" comics, I could definitely see myself reading them, but you'd also want to see characters grow and/or more major story tidbits to play out, and that might be where Joss would have to step in. But he's obviously got his hands full with Avengers now and then Buffy Season 9 as well as the Angel series coming out soon.